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An inclusive collaboration open to your contribution.

The basis of "Conversations" is connecting mothers through creative expression surrounding our shared and unique experiences in mothering.  To build our story together, creating community and a small but supportive space for creative exploration surrounding our stories.  

To start "Conversations Through Mothering" is beginning by simply creating a curated archive of Mama Makers.  To have your work and a slice of your story featured on our instagram feed simply email 3-5 works and a paragraph on how mothering has influenced, or shown up in your work and/or practice.  This paragraph is very open, it is whatever you feel you want to share in tandem with your work.

Your work will be featured in our artist feature posts.  We hope that connections will be made so that our ultimate goal of collaborative work between artists who also identify as mothers can begin!  If you are interested in collaborative work please email


The long term goal of "conversations" includes group showings and collaborative creative projects with the larger community of mama's who are working in the creative arts.  Let's get the community rolling and see what possibilites open up!

Conversations stemmed from Jennifer's experience with creatives, writers and visual artists navigating new experiences in motherhood together.  Motherhood can feel isolating, the hope is that conversations will lessen the isolation and bring mothers together as well as give space and an outlet for creative expression surrounding the expansive topic of mothering.  
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