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We have been working on the trailer for several weeks now and have accomplished both a lot and a little! Here are a few images of the transformation so far and what we have done!

Clean and install/seal windows (including replacing glass for one window)

Replace framing on interior that was damaged or missing

Double, Triple, Quadropal check that the trailer is water tight and not leaking (several trips onto the roof to patch up little holes)

speaking of patching holes

Paling up holes that were for vents and such for oven/fridge that we will not be using.

Install Insulation

Install simple wiring system

Build Wheel well frames (will be paneled)

Build wooden seating and storage U for far side of trailer.

This weekend we had our good friends Peter and Lisa visit and they helped tremendously! Peter is also a potter, Potters for the Win.

Friends for the WIN!

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