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Making Pots

This weekend I got into the studio at the University where I teach Art History and made some ceramic work. It felt so good to be working in clay. As much as I've enjoyed the trailer renovation so far, it means less time for the artwork that I am ultimately making the trailer space for!

in process.

Working this weekend in the studio made me so excited for the trailer studio space to be finished. I try to take up as little space as possible in the studio so I am cramming my work on one shelf (or two shelves right now since there is only May term classes!) Now that I have my own glazes those take up space too. I can't just leave work out that is in process, everything must have a space before I leave.

work all crammed tight.

When the studio is complete I will be able to have a more stead work flow and much more flexibility, so I am very much so looking forward to that!

I'm currently waiting for the first kiln firing, the bisque to complete. Then glazing later this week and finally I will have some current work to show you all!

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