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Paneling Takes Time

We began paneling the studio this past weekend. We were so very lucky to have the help from our friend Justin. *THANKS JUSTIN!* Justin was also the first person to donate to the studio's GO FUND ME account and I'm throwing in an extra perk for him (a cheese board) because he is awesome.

We are using thin wood paneling for the walls to give durability without too much weight. It is a trailer after all and we would like to be able to move it again later! (maybe do some pop-up shop events!)

It was tedious work my friends and we are not done yet!

Samuel likes to help us with the trailer.

We began with the ceilings because the only cut out we had was the fan/vent and a couple of holes for wiring/lighting. The ceiling was a three person job. It took all three of us to hold up each 4ft by 8ft panel and tack them to the framing. After putting up the ceiling our arms were all very sore, but it was satisfying!

Justin and Jamison getting the panel into place.  I stapled it in.

We began work on the wall and the tedious cut outs for the windows, door, and awesome retro shape of the trailer edges. My husband Jamison, was rocking the saw for these intricate cut outs. (my specialty is straight cuts!) We got the walls up on one side of the trailer and I cut and attached the paneling to the edges of the wheel well boxes as well. We decided to call it a day.

Cutting some paneling for the wheel well

We will continue work on the paneling this weekend as we still have the other 3 walls, and storage bench to panel. We have two lighting strips to install as well. If we get those things completed we might be able to buy paint to begin painting the interior.

Next steps after paneling and completing the storage bench...

- Paint interior

- Add molding (which will hide a multitude of paneling sins, we hope, no we did a good job!)

- Lay down the amazing free laminate wood grain flooring I snagged up for free (thank you craigslist)

- Build my work bench and attach to floor

- Build and attach table at seating area

- Clean and paint exterior

- Many other small things that I will forget but Jamison will remember.