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Transformation: Nearly There

With my first pop-up shop just over a week away (Friday, August 18th 530-9pm @ Newberg Coffee Cottage!) I can say, wow we are going to make it! I think, I hope... no we are!

Today the local paper, The Newberg Graphic, ran a little feature story on the trailer and the process it's been to get to where we are. You can see that story here.

Here is the photo they took of me for their story. The shelves were not stabilized and the table was not put in yet!

After a busy few weeks the interior of the trailer is all set. All that is left to do is clean up the storage seating area that still houses a plethora of tools, scrap wood and sandpaper bits, nails, screws, brads, paint, primer, you name it, it's in there. After those are cleaned out of the work tools ETC. I can move my clay boxes into the storage seat areas, move my wheel in, move my books and my inspirational images onto my cork board and get to work!

What we have left to do is what I've been waiting for since we brought this rickety shell of a trailer home in April. PAINT THE EXTERIOR! We will put a beautiful coat on the trailer this Saturday. Rose and Grey and Scallops are what's in order for this old 74 Aljo trailer.

Check out the before and after here from the same shot...

This is when we first brought it home. It's empty, completly empty. The windows are not even in and actually, this photo was after Jamison added framework to the back end and a few other places so... this photo was documenting an early improvement. WOW.

Now check this out... same shot only taken today.

All I can say is... wow. I can't believe we did it! It was truly a family effort, and at times we had help from friends too, we couldn't have done it without all the help and support and lots of cheering along the way.

Here is to joyful journeys ahead of us together.