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Help Wanted

If you would like to become a modern day arts patron and contribute to my new studio space there are many opportunities and ways you can do so!

For ease and simplicity I have set up a "Go Fund Me" Account

Here is a list of physical items that we still need.

If you would like to purchase these items for my trailer studio, or if you have something left over from one of your own projects you would like to donate that would be most helpful!

Donate on my Go FUND ME page!

2x4's for workbench

Bolt down table base

Wood Panels (10mm thickness) for table tops/shelving

Padding for under laminate flooring


Exterior Paint

Interior Paint


If you would like to assist with studio set up items, here is a list of my working material needs.

Small Kiln ($1,000)

Table Top Wheel ($500)

Small Slab Press ($750)

Banding Wheels (80-100$)

Scale (for measuring glaze weights) ($50)

Misc. Tools IE



Buckets (large for glaze)

Whisks (large for glaze)

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