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We've come so far!

I realized it has been a couple of months since my last update here... how did that happen? Oh yeah, summer. Well we have been working (and playing) hard this summer and we have accomplished a lot!

We have a date for an "open studio" celebration. That date is Friday August 18th, from 5pm- 9:30pm it will be at our home in Newberg, Or and everyone is invited to come celebrate and purchase pottery.

I went on a weeklong trip with Samuel in mid June to visit family in Idaho and while I was gone Jamison put in the laminate flooring. WOW did that make a difference! If you've been following me on Instagram @jenniferjoystudio you know that a lot of progress has been made, but this really took the space up a notch! We used the flooring for the wheel well covers as well as the seating/storage area too.

Have you even seen the interior here with the paint? I don't think so, doesn't it look fresh?

Since then we have...

Completed shelving above each of the wheel wells using flooring for shelving and clever PVC piping spray painted to look like "oil rubbed bronze piping"

Completed the seating/storage area

Installed window covers and painted them white to match the trim

Which, we began installing this weekend! We got most of the floor trip in and measured and purchased all the trimming for the rest of the corners and the ceiling. (yeah, my trailer is going to have crown molding...)

I was able to purchase the materials for both my workbench and the table top for the seating area (though we are still looking for a cheap bolt down table base option, one has to show up on craigslist eventually, but preferably this month...)

A lot of days we have hit bumps that make the progress slow, or our nearly 2 yr old doesn't nap or cooperate in other ways and we have to take turns working on the trailer instead of working as a family. However, there are also really lovely days where the entire family including the dog are all hanging out in the trailer while Jamison and I work, at least for a couple of hours (or minutes?) and It's really lovely!

Here are a few shots from this weekend.

A couple other exciting things happened between now and then that really are to blame for the lack of internet presence and those are... My ceramic work is officially stocked and up for sale in two great local spaces! HORRAY! They both happened so fast and I spent about 4 weeks straight cramming in a lot of making time, which was both stressful and satisfying!

If you are in McMinnville, Oregon you can head over to The Blue Quail (located on 3rd street in downtown McMinnville)

If you are in Sherwood, Oregon you can head over to A Vintage Inheritance, located downtown Sherwood)

I'm hoping to begin selling my work at a few more locations this coming year, so be on the lookout for news, in the meantime go drive out to check out both these shops, it might be a drive if you are coming from Portland, but both Sherwood and McMinnville have lots of amazing and entertaining possibilities to make a day visit worthwhile.

The Blue Quail's lovely storefront (full of my work!)

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